Custom Guided Meditation

$55 | Unlimited Potential

A guided meditation is a way to meditate where a voice guides you through an experience to heal, release, affirm or connect narratives, emotions, and sometimes trauma.

I started using guided meditations on my healing journey during my last pregnancy to connect with my baby and affirm my choices. I started writing and recording them for myself after realizing what a powerful tool it can be. Often times, I found the guided meditations I was using too impersonal and I'd end up using my own mantras or affirmations anyway. Which is how I came to decide that I needed to offer custom guided meditations to fit individual needs.

We will chat for 30 minutes about what type of meditation you are seeking:
✨Chakra healing
✨Womb healing
✨Connecting with baby
✨Release and/or heal trauma
✨Connecting with self/source

Or any combination of these! A finished guided meditation will be an MP3 file 5-10 minutes long, emailed to you.